The Foundations at Portland NSW open to the public for the first time in history as internationally renowned artist Guido van Helton paints a large-scale mural

by Kris Leck in Current Projects

Catalyst Project Consulting are very proud to have enabled a significant opportunity for the town of Portland NSW by securing the services of internationally renowned visual artist and photographer, Guido van Helten to paint a mural on the 8 large cement silos on site at The Foundations (the old Portland Cement Works site) in his signature style.

Commissioned by AWJ Civil as an introductory aspect at The Foundations, van Helten will apply his unique process of community engagement, photography and mural painting to the town with a rich history and unique mix of art and industry.

The artist has painted throughout Australia and internationally, dotting regional and urban landscapes with his exploration of community and identity generated through photography and large-scale, site-specific mural installations.

Starting work in early April, with an expected duration of two months, what was once an historical structure of industry, is now being transformed to a monument of respect and credence to whom from the past had emulated community, relevance to the Cement Works, and were influential in the site and town’s history. Albeit with such a wealth of treasured individuals of importance to the Cement Works and the town of Portland, those represented in the artwork emulate and pay tribute to all involved.

For more information about the Project please go to or you can follow the action on The Foundations Facebook page,

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